Visiting the Pez Visitors Center in Orange Connecticut

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A stop at the Pez Factory Visitors Center is a must if you are traveling in Connecticut. This stop is perfect for anyone who loves the popular candy PEZ. The PEZ Visitors Center is a museum and interactive experience located in Orange, Connecticut, USA, dedicated to the history and culture of PEZ candy and PEZ candy dispensers.

Visiting the Pez Visitors Center in Orange Connecticut

Visiting the Pez Visitor Center

We planned our trip to Mystic Connecticut and while doing our planning I learned that along our drive we would pass the PEZ Visitors Center. All of my kids are huge PEZ fans, they love the candy and they love building their PEZ dispenser collections. This awesome stop along our drive was perfect for all of us. We enjoyed the stop and learning all about PEZ candy.

Visiting the Pez Visitors Center in Orange Connecticut

We walked thru the PEZ museum and saw all of the display cases filled with PEZ memorabilia and different PEZ dispensers in so many different characters. This walk was easy to do and while walking around got to learn about the history of pez in a fun way. After we did the tour the kids did the scavenger hunt and then a little bit of shopping. My kids loved filling up the PEZ tin with different flavors of PEZ candy that they can use at home to fill their pez dispensers and of course they asked if they could get a new pez dispenser to remember the trip.

Visiting the Pez Visitors Center in Orange Connecticut

Is the PEZ Candy Factory worth visiting?

Yes! Even though when we were visiting the production line was down so we did not get to see them in action making and packaging the pez it was still a ton of fun. It was so much fun to see all the fun dispensers, and the old dispensers, take photos with the oversized pez dispensers and just take a look into the pez production floor even though it was not being run while we were there.

You will get to explore the world’s most extensive and diverse assortment of PEZ collectibles on public exhibition, including a PEZ motorcycle crafted by Orange County Choppers, the most oversized PEZ dispenser globally, a production area observation zone, a PEZ trivia game, a shopping area, an interactive historical timeline, and numerous other attractions. Discover the story of the brand that has been stimulating and advancing since 1927!

history wall at the Visiting the Pez Visitors Center in Orange Connecticut

What will you see at the PEZ Visitor Center?

At the PEZ Visitors Center, visitors can learn about the history of the iconic PEZ candy and view a collection of over 5,000 PEZ dispensers, ranging from vintage to modern designs.

The museum also features interactive exhibits and games, a factory tour, and a gift shop where visitors can purchase PEZ dispensers and other merchandise. You will get to see the old school style pez uniforms which i thought were super cool!

The factory tour allows visitors to see how PEZ candies are made and packaged, and includes a look at the various stages of the manufacturing process. Additionally, the visitors center offers special events throughout the year, such as themed exhibits, holiday displays, and even a chance to make your own customized PEZ dispenser.

How much does it cost to go to the PEZ Factory?

Admission to the PEZ factory is just $5 per person for adults, Children 3-12 and seniors 60+ are $4 and children under 3 are free.

Included in the cost of admission is a PEZ landyard, self-guided tour of the PEZ memorabilia, watching a candy demonstration, and seeing the manufacturing area. You will also get to take part in the monthly game which will get you a free plastic pez dispenser if you complete it and you will get $2 towards anything you purchase while visiting.

Why the Visiting the Pez Visitor Center is Great for Families

  • Budget friendly. Regular admission is $5 or less per person and with that $5 you get a pez lanyard plus with each paid admission you receive $2 store credit which may be used like cash and applied to any same day murchandise purchase.
  • Get a free Pez Dispenser. When you do the game of the month you will get a Free PEZ Dispenser when you complete it. The game of the month when we visited was a fun scavenger hunt. You will find the Game cards and game directions behind the world’s largest PEZ dispenser which is located just inside the front doors of the
  • fun scavenger hunt and complete it at the end your prize is a free PEX dispenser.
  • Learn about PEZ history. Walking thru on a self-guided tour of the building you will see many PEZ History facts. My kids loved the interactive historical time line and learning fun facts about this PEZ history.
  • So much to see. There are so many cool things to see when you are walking thru the comprehensive collection of pez memorabilia.
  • Watch PEZ candy be made in the Pez factory. Unfortunately for us the production area was not active when we were there but if it is you can see the entire process of pez candy being made when watching thru the viewing windows.

Where is the PEZ Visitor Center located?

The PEZ Visitor Center is located in Orange, Connecticut, USA. The exact address is 35 Prindle Hill Rd, Orange, CT 06477.  

What are the hours of operation for the Pez Visitors Center?

The pez factory is open daily from 10am till 5pm.

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