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Our Visit to Mystic Pizza Restaurant in Mystic CT

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Eating at the Mystic Pizza Restaurant is an experience filled with delicious pizza and a touch of nostalgia. As you step into the iconic restaurant in Mystic, Connecticut, you are greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. The perfect place to enjoy lunch or dinner and some tasty pizza. 

mystic pizza restaurant

A Tasty Lunch at Mystic Pizza Restaurant

When you are visiting Mystic Connecticut with Kids a must-stop place to eat is Mystic Pizza. On our trip to Mystic eating lunch at Mystic Pizza was on our must-do list and it was amazing. I had heard great things about the food and also knew that the movie Mystic Pizza was inspired by this restaurant. 

We walked into the restaurant and saw the large iconic “Slice of Heaven” sign above the bar where you can order pizza to go. We opted to dine in and I am glad we did. The dining room is decorated in old-school pizza parlor fashion with cozy-looking booths and tables along with fun movie memorabilia and paraphernalia decorating the walls. 

take out area at the Mystic Pizza Restaurant

We ordered a cheese pizza and garlic bread. While they have many other options on the menu we wanted to stick with the classics that you would get at a pizza parlor.

My kids love good food but they also enjoy eating at fun places. While they did not know the movie history behind Mystic Pizza, the atmosphere and food were perfect for them to enjoy.

a child eating pizza at mystic pizza

What is Mystic Pizza?

Mystic Pizza has become a cultural landmark in Connecticut. The restaurant has adorned its walls with memorabilia from the film, such as movie posters and photographs, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. It also offers merchandise, including t-shirts and mugs, allowing visitors to take home a piece of the Mystic Pizza experience. 

The restaurant has garnered a reputation for being a renowned pizza joint for various compelling reasons. Beyond its reputation for serving outstanding food, it holds a special place in cinematic history as the iconic movie set for a beloved movie in the 1980s. 

It is a stop that the whole family will love! There is amazing food on the Mystic Pizza Menu and a fun atmosphere to enjoy while eating. 

What is on the Mystic Pizza Restaurant Menu?

Mystic Pizza is more than just a pizza parlor. It offers a variety of other dishes, including pasta, seafood, salads, and sandwiches.

mystic pizza menu

There are also daily Pizza specials each day to pick from that make the pizza experience even more fun!

This allows visitors to enjoy a diverse range of flavors, making it a popular dining destination for both locals and tourists.

Where is Mystic Pizza Located?

Mystic Pizza is located at 56 West Main Street in Mystic, Ct. It is situated in the heart of downtown Mystic, close to the Mystic River and the historic Mystic Seaport. The restaurant’s prominent location makes it easily accessible to both locals and visitors exploring the area.

When the movie Mystic Pizza gained popularity, the original restaurant in, Connecticut faced overwhelming demand that was challenging to meet. As a solution, a second location, known as Mystic Pizza II, was established in North Stonington in 1991. Located at 211 Providence New London Turnpike, the second location maintains a similar menu, utilizing the same family ingredients to craft their pizzas. 

However, there is a notable difference in the atmosphere between the two locations. While Mystic Pizza attracts a larger number of visitors who come to experience Mystic, Mystic Pizza II offers a more laid-back setting, catering to a local crowd seeking a relaxed dining experience.

booth at mystic pizza

Fun Facts about Mystic Pizza Restaurant

The Restaurant Became Popular because of a movie. Mystic Pizza gained worldwide fame due to the 1988 romantic comedy film of the same name. Starring Julia Roberts in one of her earliest roles, the movie showcased the beauty of Mystic, Connecticut, and its iconic pizza parlor. 

The actual restaurant was not used in the movie. The owners couldn’t afford to shut down and so the filmmakers created a fictional restaurant set in North Stonington, a nearby town. However, once the movie was released and gained popularity, the original restaurant underwent a renovation to resemble the version depicted in the film. This transformation allowed visitors to experience the charm and ambiance of the movie while enjoying the authentic flavors of the original Mystic Pizza.

Mystic Pizza Restaurant pizza pie

Continue the Fun and Take Movie Scene Photos

If you are a fan of the movie Mystic Pizza then stopping at some locations around the town of Mystic to get photos in locations the movie was filmed it will make for some great fun! While the movie was not just shot in Mystic but also in Stonington, it is not that far of a drive between the places you will want to take photos.  

Photo Spots In Mystic, Connecticut:

  • 56 W Main Street. The original Mystic Pizza Restaurant inspired the movie.
  • Mystic Drawbridge. A few of the movie scenes were filmed here and it is a great place to take some photos.
  • 75 Greenmanville Ave. This is the planetarium where Kat worked. It is the Mystic Seaport’s Treworgy Planetarium. To visit this location you will need to pay museum admission to enter the planetarium.

Photo spots In Stonington, Connecticut:

  • Visit 72 Water Street. The fictional Mystic Pizza location was filmed here. It is now the New England Science & Sailing Foundation.
  • 66 Water Street. The interior shots of ‘Mystic Harbor Yacht Club’ where Charlie and Daisy had their first date were taken here. It is now the Breakwater restaurant.
  • Cannon Square Park. A brief scene was shown here when Kat delivered a pizza to her mom.
  • 53 Church Street. The home of Charlie Windsor (Daisy’s boyfriend). It is a private residence, however, you can see the house from the sidewalk.
  • 201 North Main Street. This is the ‘Peg Leg Pub’ where Daisy met Charlie.
  • North Main Street x Pequot Trail. The hitchhiking scene where Charlie and Daisy were filmed here hitchhiking when Charlie’s car got a flat tire.

Things to Do in Connecticut With Kids

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