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Visiting the Museum of Discovery and Science In Fort Lauderdale Florida

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If you are visiting Fort Lauderdale with kids then a visit to the Museum of Discovery and Science is a must! This museum is filled with interactive exhibits, an ecodiscovery center, and a great place for the kids to learn about physical sciences that the entire family will enjoy.

Museum of Discovery and Science

Visiting the Museum of Discovery and Science

My kids and I had a blast exploring The Museum of Discovery and Science (also known as MODS). There is so much to do and see at the museum of discovery & science that I think it’s best to plan a full day here. This large museum has multiple floors to explore and areas. Each area is filled with hands-on exhibits the kids will want to enjoy. There is also an Imax theater where you can enjoy an educational but fun film. When visiting my kids were ages 5 to 17 and all of them enjoyed the museum and the hands-on exhibits.

If you are a homeschooling family there is a lot to do that is perfect for counting as school. There is plenty for every age group in your homeschooling family from early childhood kids to teens. We arrived and started our exploring on the first floor. We made our way thru the museum and the hands on activities and then watched the Imax movie. It did take us just about all day, but it was the perfect day of fun combined with learning.

We have been to many museums and I have to say this is up there on our best science museum list as the kids had plenty to do. While much of it was education and covered a lot of stem education none of the kids were bored nor felt like they were on an educational visit. Being able to have casual fun while learning is one of my favorite ways to do things with the kids.

What is there to do at the Museum of Discover and Science in Fort Lauderdale?

Hands on Exhibits. The Museum of Discovery and Science has a variety of interactive exhibits that cover topics such as space, animals, physics, and ecology. Some of the popular exhibits include the EcoDiscovery Center, which features a simulated Everglades environment, and the Storm Center, which allows visitors to experience the effects of experience hurricane force winds in the hurricane simulator. Keep reading and I will give you a break down of each hands-on exhibit that the museum has to help you with planning your visit.

IMAX theater. The museum has an IMAX theater that screens both educational and feature films in 3D. The theater has a large screen and advanced sound system, providing an immersive viewing experience. You can also grab some drinks and popcorn before the movie to have the full movie experience.

Animal encounters. The museum of discovery & science has a number of live animal exhibits, including a coral reef aquarium, and many animal exhibits. While checking these areas out you will learn about the types of areas they live in and how they behave.

Science demonstrations. The museum offers a variety of science demonstrations. When you walk into different areas of the museum you will be able to get the kids interacting with science and fun.

What Is there to do at the Museum of Discover and Science in Fort Lauderdale?

There are plenty of things to do for the whole family to enjoy. I suggest starting with the topics and areas that your kids are most interested in and then working your way to other exhibits. While some areas might seem like the older kids will not enjoy them, none of my kids were bored in any area. The areas that were for the younger children my older ones helped the youngest do.

Museum of Discovery and Science storm center

Storm Center Exhibit at Museum of Discovery and Science

The area features a hurricane simulator, which recreates the intense winds and rain of a Category 1 hurricane. Visitors can stand inside the simulator and experience the powerful winds and rain as they would in a real storm. The simulation also includes sound effects and visuals, making the experience even more immersive. While exploring the exhibit the kids will also learn about weather aside from just hurricanes.

Keller Science Theater

Experience thrilling live demonstrations of explosive chemical and physical reactions, captivating live animal shows, and engaging science exhibitions. Led by expert educators, every science topic is transformed into an unforgettable journey of exploration and discovery. You won’t be able to look away as gases fly, things go ‘boom,’ and you witness firsthand how science reacts!

Museum of Discovery and Science - discovery center

The Discovery Center

The Discovery Center offers a fun and interactive exhibit with various stations that cater to different levels of learning. Each mini-exhibit is designed to teach fundamental skills such as counting, sorting, matching, role-playing, cooperative play, and teamwork in a developmentally appropriate manner. Hannah enjoyed learning about the process of picking fruit and it going to market in this exhibit.

Food Forest

In collaboration with Thrive Lot, this outdoor exhibit is one that is perfect for the kids of all ages. Discover how permaculture can help mitigate the effects of climate change and build sustainable communities by creating your own backyard food forest. Kids will learn about a variety of tropical fruit species that you may not have encountered before, and find out about the numerous health benefits of backyard gardening. Get inspired to create your own thriving and regenerative garden!

Museum of Discovery and Science - health center - child playing with interactive surgery exhibit

Powerful You

This exhibit focuses on the human body and includes interactive displays that explore the science of health and wellness. My kids enjoyed the drunk driving simulator and the ambulance exhibits the most. In this area is also a lot of medical learning. There is also hands on body learning where you can test out how it is to do a surgery and so much more.

Museum of Discovery and Science in a large shark display

Prehistoric Florida

This exhibit explores Florida’s prehistoric past and features life-size models of prehistoric creatures, such as a giant ground sloth, a giant prehistoric megalodon and a saber-toothed cat.

Sprouting Stem

Young explorers will uncover extraordinary findings in a setting tailored specifically for early learners. Upon entering the space, visitors will be transported to a lush and vibrant backyard landscape of southern Florida, complete with indigenous plants and wildlife, which they will observe from the viewpoint of a tiny insect. The Lab, which provides supervised activities, will include engaging programming that integrates learning through play, hands-on STEM activities, music, story time, and other exciting opportunities that inspire young minds.

Museum of Discovery and Science flight simulator

To Fly Exhibit at Museum of Discovery and Science

Soar high and wide as you sit in the cockpit simulators, traverse the boundless crimson terrain of Mars, become part of an electrifying 7D immersive theater production. You can also engage in a hands-on experience of what it is like to live in space. There is a full area set up of learning about astronauts lives when in space. The hands on exhibits of how planes work and how they fly was also enjoyed a lot by the kids. Their favorite part of this was the space ship launch simulator.

Great Gravity Clock

At an enormous height of fifty-two feet, the Great Gravity Clock stands tall as the largest kinetic energy sculpture in Florida. This exceptional timepiece is one of only three such clocks worldwide. Below the clock’s face, a minute rail, ten-minute rail, and an hour rail affect the clock’s movement as a ball passes through each point. Since each ball corresponds to a time increment, it serves as a digital clock. Every minute, a ball circles the clock face before being launched onto a digital ride. Gravity takes over, propelling the balls along the rails. This clock was so much fun to watch and enjoy.

Museum of Discovery and Science otters

Otters at Play

Learn about the North American river otters as they reside in their dual-level indoor/outdoor dwelling, which includes a swimming pool and waterfall. All of my kids loved watching the otters swim in the water and spent a good amount of time just enjoying watching them.

Science Park

Bounce, swing, and uncover the fundamental principles of the physical world as you explore and understand how things function! In this section of the museum kids will learn about physical science in a fun outdoor space. Kids will get to engage with full-body exhibit that are so much fun to play with. These include a ball range, bottle rockets, tennis ball launcher, giant levers kaleidoscopes, pulleys, roller coaster, wheel roll, sound station, sun spotter and FPL SolarNow.

Museum of Discovery and Science building center

The Hanger Makerspace

This area offers a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) platform that encourages kids, families, and adults to participate in enjoyable, cutting-edge, hands-on learning adventures. With a lot of different materials and techniques at your fingertips, engage in playful experimentation and invention.

Design! Build! Play! Keva!

Unleash your inner engineer as you construct a bridge, skyscraper, or any structure you envision in our KEVA exhibit. These uncomplicated wooden planks offer endless possibilities to explore and create in three dimensions. Everyone will be able to engage in a hands-on, interactive, and stimulating experience that will challenge your critical thinking skills and ignite your passion for design!

Florida Water Story

In this interactive exhibit, water takes center stage as the star of the show! Discover the significance of water to Florida’s inhabitants and the environment we coexist in. Here kids will learn so many different things about water in Florida. They will learn, how water shapes our terrain, underground aquifers, and how Florida’s underlying aquifers offer a constant supply of fresh water. After going thru it kids will have a better comprehension of why water is among Florida’s (and Earth’s) most valuable resources.

Wild Kratts Creature Power at Museum of Discovery and Science

Inspired by the famous PBS Kids show, this area revolves around investigating exotic animals and their remarkable “creature powers.” The creature adventure begins at the Wild Kratts HQ and continues through five distinct habitats.

Minerals Rock

Embark on an immersive adventure through an astounding array of minerals and rocks in this interactive exhibit. This one is a fun one that all enjoyed! The kids will get hands-on with genuine lava, trigger a “volcanic” eruption, and witness the process of new rocks and land masses being created. The kids will also get to explore over 60 distinct minerals, rocks, and ammonites.

Peanuts in Space

Experience an out-of-this-world adventure with the new Peanuts in Space activity corner. In collaboration with NASA, aspiring space explorers of all ages can blast off into the exciting world of STEM and space exploration. Join Snoopy and his friends on missions and activities designed to inspire and educate.

Florida Ecoscapes

There are so many animals and plants in Florida. In this hands on section of the museum kids will learn about native plants and animals in Florida.They will also learn about how invasive species are impacting the ecosystem. You can go on an indoor nature hike and witness live sharks, coral, alligators, sea turtles, and snakes.

Dino Dana Adventures

Experience the ultimate time-travel adventure as you stomp your way through the Dino Dana Exhibit. Here the prehistoric era meets modern-day science! Join Dana, a paleontologist in training, and meet her dinosaur friends as you embark on an epic journey to learn about these magnificent creatures.

Where is Museum of Discovery and Science located?

The museum is located in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The Museum Address: 401 S.W. Second Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312.

Hours of operation

Monday through Saturday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday: 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

How much is Museum of Discovery and Science admission?

Pricing for the general admission entry is as follows:

  • Adult $27
  • Child (2-12 )$22
  • Senior (65+) $25
  • Military** $24
  • Infant (0-23 months) Free

If you arrive after 3pm on the day you are visiting they will stamp your ticket and you will be able to return a second day for the full day at no extra cost.

Tips for Visiting the museum of discovery & science with Kids

  • Dress comfortably. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that allow for movement and exploration. Kids may want to climb, run, and explore, so make sure they have dressed appropriately.
  • Check the schedule of events. The museum may have special events, demonstrations, or workshops that you and your kids can participate in. Check the schedule and plan to attend any events that interest you.
  • Have fun.The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the experience with your kids. The museum is a great place to learn and explore, so take advantage of all that it has to offer.
  • Make it interactive. Encourage your kids to participate in the exhibits and activities. Ask them questions, engage them in conversations, and let them explore at their own pace.
  • Plan ahead. Research the museum’s website and utilize this blog post for any exhibits or events, and make a plan for what you want to see to make sure you see everything that the kids want to.
  • Be flexible. Kids have their own pace and interests, so be flexible with your plan and let them explore what they find interesting. There were some exhibits that I did not expect the kids to be super interested in and then they were so we spent more time at them than I thought we would.

Things to do in Florida with kids

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