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Visiting Peppa Pig Theme Park in Florida

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If you are taking a trip to central Florida with kids, you will want to add the New Peppa Pig Theme park in Cypress Gardens, Florida. This theme park is perfect for the younger kids, but is filled with activities and rides the whole family will enjoy. If you have a Peppa Pig fan in your house, planning a trip is a must!

Peppa Pig theme park in florida

Peppa Pig Theme Park in Florida

When we took our recent trip to Florida we made a stop at Peppa Pig Theme Park. Since we told Hannah about the opening of this theme park opening she has asked nonstop to be able to go.

Kids who love Peppa Pig will love this immersive experience that starts from the time they enter the World of Peppa Pig until the time they leave. With lots of play spaces, fun rides and tasty treats like the muddy puddle milkshake Peppa Pig theme park is perfect for an unforgettable day of adventure with the young kids who are fans of the show.

While this theme park is geared towards little kids and those who love Peppa Pig our whole family had a great time. The interactive rides themed playscapes, and live entertainment will make this the perfect place to take the family.

kids holding the Peppa Pig theme park in florida theme park map

What is Peppa Pig Theme Park?

Peppa Pig Theme Park is located in Winter Haven, Florida. It is based on the popular children’s television series, Peppa Pig. The park offers a variety of attractions and activities suitable for young children and families.

What age kids is Peppa Pig Theme Park good for?

I would say any kids that love Peppa Pig would enjoy the park. The best ages for visiting this park in my opinion are ages 1-7. We did have all of our kids on this visit who were 6, 12, 15 and 17 at the time and they all said it was enjoyable even though it was geared for younger children.

mom and daughter at the Peppa Pig Statue at Peppa Pig theme park in florida

What to Expect When Visiting Peppa Pig Theme Park in Florida

  1. Rides: There are several rides in the park, including Peppa’s Balloon Ride, Grandpa Pig’s Train Ride, and George’s Dinosaur Adventure.
  2. Play areas and Interactive areas: There are several play areas where children can climb, slide, and explore. One of the most popular play areas is George’s Fort.
  3. Shows: The park offers live shows featuring Peppa Pig and her friends. The shows are interactive and encourage children to sing and dance along.
  4. Meet and greets: Children can enjoy character meet and greets and take photos. They will meet Peppa Pig and her family, including Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, and George.
  5. Dining: The park has several dining options, including a café, a bakery, and a food truck.
  6. Shopping: There are several shops in the park where you can purchase Peppa Pig-themed merchandise, including toys, clothing, and souvenirs.

What Rides are At Peppa Pig Theme Park?

There are 6 rides total at Peppa Pig theme park and all of them are suitable for younger children. Of course, older children will enjoy them as well so there are rides for the whole family to enjoy together. Some of the rides do have height requirements and may require an adult to ride with the younger kids.

  1. Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride: This ride takes you up in a hot air balloon and you are sitting in the balloon basket while Peppa Pig and her family join you on the adventure. Riders will enjoy views of the park and its surroundings.
  2. Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Adventure: In this ride, riders will join Grampy Rabbit and his friend Mr. Dinosaur as they explore a prehistoric world full of dinosaurs.
  3. Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster: This is a gentle roller coaster suitable for young children, taking riders on a fun and exciting journey.
  4. Mr. Bull’s high Striker. Bull’s High Striker is a family-friendly drop ride that lifts you and your loved ones straight up into the sky. Expect the unexpected as the ride reaches its peak because, as the saying goes, what goes up must come down!
  5. Peppa’s Pedal Bike Tour: This ride takes riders on a pedal-powered journey around Peppa Pig’s world.
  6. Grandad Dog’s Pirate Boat Ride: This ride takes you on a swinging adventure aboard a pirate ship with Danny Dog as your captain.

What Interactive Areas are there for kids at the park?

  1. Muddy Puddles Splash Pad: This is an interactive water play area where children can splash and play in puddles, just like Peppa and her friends. Be sure to have kids wear a swimsuit when playing here because they will get wet.
  2. Cinema. The kids can relax and watch an episode of Peppa Pig.
  3. Fun Fair. The kids will get to have a lot of fun in this area with free games for the whole family to enjoy.
  4. Madame Gazelle’ s Nature Trail. Take a walk on the nature trail and follow the hints to find out who left all of the tiny footprints. The kids will also want to make sure they take a peek into the binoculars.
  5. Mr. Potato’s Showtime arena. Through out the day make stops here to join Peppa and her friends for live entertainment shows and fun games.
  6. George’s Fort: This is a play area designed for young children, where they can climb and explore a fort that looks like George’s dinosaur.
  7. Mr. Bull’s Construction Site: Children can use toy construction equipment to build and play in this interactive area.
  8. Grandpa Pig’s Greenhouse: This interactive area lets children explore a greenhouse and learn about different plants and vegetables.
  9. Pirate Island Sand Play. Have fun playing in the large sand box area looking for treasures and building a sand castle.
  10. Rebecca Rabbit’s Playground. This activity area is a ton of fun for the younger kids, they can explore the rabbit burrows and discover the carrots in this outdoor active play area. 

What Shows are there to watch at The theme park?

Peppa Pig Comes to Play. Play games with Peppa pig during this interactive show, everyone will love singing, dancing, and playing along.

Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt Adventure. This 10 minute show will be a blast for kids. In this show you will help Peppa and George search for their treasure by following the map and the clues. They’ll need everyone to join their pirate crew!

What should We eat when visiting Peppa Pig Theme Park?

We stopped into Mrs. Rabbit’s Diner for our lunch stop for the day and I have to say for being theme park food it was pretty good and there were healthy options to pick from. We all picked either a wrap, salad, pizza, or flatbread for our lunch choice. Then of course we had to try the desserts, and while the milkshakes are amazing my kids loved the dirt cup the most.

child eating a mud cup at the diner at Peppa Pig theme park in florida
child drinking a milkshake at Peppa Pig theme park in florida
kids meal at Peppa Pig theme park in florida

Where is Peppa Pig Theme Park Located?

Peppa Pig Theme Park is located in Winter Haven, Florida, USA. The address of the park is 6000 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven, FL 33884. The park is located approximately 45 miles southwest of Orlando and can be easily accessed by car.

How long should I plan to visit?

The amount of time you should plan to spend at Peppa Pig Theme Park will depend on several factors, such as the size of your group, the ages of the children, and how much time you want to spend at the park. However, in general, most visitors tend to spend around 4-6 hours at the park. We found that 4 hours was perfect for us but we had 3 older teens with us so the focus of our trip was so our 6 year old could see the entire park how she wanted to.

During this time, you should be able to experience most of the rides, attractions, and interactive areas, as well as enjoy some meals and snacks. However, if you have young children who need more breaks or if you want to spend more time exploring the park in detail, you may want to plan for a longer visit.

It’s a good idea to check the park’s operating hours and schedule in advance to ensure that you have enough time to see and do everything you want. Additionally, it’s a good idea to arrive at the park early to avoid the crowds and make the most of your visit.

What are the hours they are open?

Daily hours are 9am till 5pm.

How much are Peppa pig theme park tickets?

Single-day tickets for Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida tickets are available for $34.99. You can purchase them online here, or you can buy them at the entrance. They also have multi-day tickets that include admission to Peppa Pig Theme Park and LegoLand Florida so you can visit both parks if you want to and save money.

Can I get discounted Tickets?

You can often grab tickets for both Legoland Florida and Peppa Pig theme park as a 2 park ticket that is cheaper than buying them separately.

Is there a military discount for Peppa Pig?

Yes. They have military discount tickets for Peppa Pig Theme Park and you can purchase these discounted military Peppa Pig Theme Park tickets here.

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