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Hale Koa Military Hotel In Honolulu Hawaii Review

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If you are a military family looking for an awesome hotel to stay at when visiting the Hawaiian island of Oahu you are going to love staying at the Hale Koa Hotel. Located in Honolulu Hawaii this military resort is perfect for families and adults. It was the perfect place for our family to start our Hawaii Vacation. We loved everything about the Hale Koa.

Hale Koa Hotel

Hale Koa Military Hotel In Honolulu Hawaii Review

When we took our trip to Hawaii, we visited the Hawaiian island of Oahu. While there we stayed at two different hotels. The first hotel we stayed at was the Hale Koa military hotel and then stayed 2 nights at Disney Aulani Resort. 

This military hotel in Honolulu is the perfect location to stay to explore everything on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. You also have super easy access to the beach for the beach lovers.

We loved our stay at the Hale Koa resort, it was the perfect place for the whole family. It is in downtown Honolulu and not far from the Daniel K. Inouye international airport which makes it the perfect location. The hotel is within walking distance of many things including places to eat in Honolulu, the beach, and things to do.

View of the pool from the balcony at the Hawaii military hotel

There are a multitude of entertainment opportunities at the hotel as well including pools, a tropical grounds garden tour, a tennis court, and more. We loved our stay at the Hale Koa and my kids have been asking when the next time we can visit is since we got home from Hawaii. 

The guest rooms are large and perfect for families to have enough space without feeling like you are on top of one another. The ocean views from the rooms are amazing. The ease of walking to the beach is perfect, it takes just minutes to get from your hotel room to the beautiful water on the beach.

The outdoor spaces are relaxing and beautiful to walk around. The hotel is located near many popular hotels in the area in the beautiful area of Waikiki Beach and I am so glad that we picked to stay at the Hale Koa for our trip to Oahu with our children. 

View from the Hale Koa Hotel partial ocean view room

What is the Hale Koa?

The Hale Koa is a hotel and resort in Honolulu, Hawaii that is specifically for members of the u.s. armed forces and their families. The pricing is at affordable prices so that members of the military and their families can enjoy the tropical oasis in Honolulu Hawaii. This hotel is an armed forces recreation center resort hotel and is run by the united states Department of Defense. 

What does Hale Koa Mean?

“Hale Koa” is a Hawaiian phrase that translates to “House of the Warrior” or “Warrior’s House.” “Hale” means “house” or “home” in the Hawaiian language, and “Koa” refers to a type of tree native to Hawaii known as the “koa tree.” The word “koa” also symbolizes strength, bravery, and warrior spirit in Hawaiian culture. The name “Hale Koa” is significant because the hotel primarily caters to military members and their families. It is meant to evoke a sense of hospitality and honor for those who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces.

Hale Koa hotel tower

Why We Loved The Hale Koa

There are many reasons we loved staying at the Hale Koa. I could be here all day telling you them but I am going to keep it to our favorites.

  • Easy beach access. With kids getting to the beach and back to the room as easily as possible is a must. A walk down the steps you hit the sand and are not far from the water.
  • Easy meal options. With many on-site options, there are also many in walking distance food options. With hungry kids, this was a big plus for us.
  • Friendly guests. Everyone we met at the hotel was friendly and welcoming. People on the beach or at a table start talking and sharing tips on things to do to help each other out.
  • Spacious rooms. With 6 of us, we always need 2 rooms to accommodate the beds needed. We needed 2 rooms here as well but there was plenty of space for all of the suitcases in the room and still ample space for the kids to all sit on the floor and play games and us all be in one room.
  • Easy to travel from. We explored much of the island on our trip. We were busy from waking up until bedtime and access to the main roads we needed to explore was easy from this location. There are also many things within walking distance from this hotel to explore.
  • Clean. I am big on clean hotels. Am I picky at times? Yes, I am. The Hale Koa Hotel was one of the cleanest hotels we have stayed in. Especially being a beachfront hotel where sand is unavoidable.
Front entrance of the Hale Koa Hotel

Tips for Staying at the Hale Koa Hotel

There are a few tips that will help you with your trip planning and planning to stay at the Hale Koa Hotel. 

  • Pack powerstrips. There are not enough outlets for all your chargers in the rooms. You will want to bring a powerstrip so you have a way to charge all of your devices as there are only 2 outlets in the room and not enough charge ports or outlets to charge more than a few devices, especially if you are traveling with kids. 
  • Grab snacks from the Exchange. There is an exchange downstairs of the resort where you can grab snacks, clothing items if you forgot them, and many other things but if you are going to be going thru a big time difference change then you will want to grab some snacks from the exchange to keep in your room in case the kids are hungry at an off time. 
  • Order the fresh pineapple to be shipped home. There are many places in the local area where you can get pineapples ordered to be shipped home from DOLE, but the cheapest place to order them from is the Exchange at the Hale Koa. 
  • Free Filtered water. There is a filtered refill water station located in the Fitness Center and it is totally FREE to get water. Just make sure you have your keycard to get into the fitness center, but then you are able to fill up water bottles for free.
  • Cribs are provided free of charge. If you have a little one that requires a crib, when you make your reservation let them know that you will also be needing a crib. 
Hotel room with 2 queen beds at the hale koa hotel

Rooms at the Hale Koa

As a family of 6, we needed 2 rooms for all of us as the rooms are made to hold 4 guests. They have connecting room options, which makes it great for larger families. We put the kids in one room and my husband and myself in the other room. There were a few nights that our 6-year-old spent a few nights in the extra bed in our room. It was perfect for having enough space for all of us to sit and relax when we wanted to at night. 

There are two towers at the Hale Koa that have hotel rooms. You will either stay in the Maile Tower or the Ilima Tower. Both of these towers have elevators that will give you easy access to your hotel room no matter which tower you are in.

All of the rooms no matter what the view is have spacious rooms with a flat-screen tv, single-pod coffee maker, and a mini cooler. The rooms also include amenities including an alarm clock, hairdryer, and a safe. While the rooms themselves do not have microwaves in them, each floor of the Maile Tower has one for guests to use, and each floor above the 4th floor in the Ilima Tower has one. 

kids standing on the balcony

Types of Rooms at the Hale Koa Hotel

There are a few different setups for beds, depending on the room you will have either one king-sized bed or a king-sized bed and sofa bed or 2 queen beds, or a double Bed with a twin chair sofa bed. There are a few different types of rooms at the Hale Koa and there are some of each type of room in each tower. We stayed in 2 connecting partial ocean-view rooms that both had 2 queen-sized beds. 

  • Standard Rooms. These rooms are on the lower levels and have limited views.
  • Garden View Rooms. These rooms have views of the resort grounds.
  • Partial Ocean View Rooms. These rooms have views of the ocean, while they won’t be full views of the ocean you will have a partial view when you are standing or sitting on the balcony. 
  • Ocean View Rooms. These rooms have a full view of the beautiful pacific ocean from the balcony. 
  • Deluxe Ocean Front View Rooms. These are the best ocean views that you are going to get, these rooms are on the higher floors of the hotel and many of the rooms will have a view from the ocean that you can see just by looking out the sliding door and windows of your room.
eggs and Portuguese sausage from Happy's at the Hale Koa Military hotel in hawaii

Hale Koa Restaurants

The Hale Koa Hotel offers several restaurant options for guests. We found that there were plenty of food options right on the resort grounds.

  • Bibas Courtyard Grill. This is a dining location that uses locally sourced ingredients and a farm-to-table approach. They feature a blend of American classics and local favorites.
  • Koko at Kalia. You can enjoy breakfast with a view of the ocean here. The daily breakfast buffet offers a variety of favorites and there is special pricing available for E1-E6, seniors, and children. 
  • Happy’s.  Perfect for a quick grab-and-go meal or if you want to sit and enjoy outside to enjoy your meal. Breakfast has lots of options including made-to-order eggs, Hawaiian Portuguese sausage, and Starbucks coffee. You can also get freshly baked slices of bread, pastries and a variety of tropical island fruits. For lunch and dinner, you can choose from many options including sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and salads. Additionally, don’t miss the island-inspired lunch and dinner selections on the rotating menu.
  • Java Cafe. You can get your caffeine fix on the go at the coffee cart conveniently located in the lobby of the Maile Tower. It is the perfect spot to grab your favorite Starbucks beverages. They also have a selection of pastries, fresh fruit, breakfast bowls and burritos, and yogurt parfaits.
  • Barefoot Bar. A great place where you can savor the flavors of paradise and soak in breathtaking views of Diamond Head and the sparkling ocean. It is a place to grab refreshing delights including the Hale Koa signature Mai Tai, Lava Flow, and other drinks. At night you can also enjoy music.
  • Koa Oasis. You will find this one steps away from the beach on the Diamond Head side of the Hale Koa Hotel. This location offers a range of snacks, cocktails, and drinks.
pineapple fruit cups from Happy's

Hale Koa Activities

There are many different activities at the Hale Koa resort. There is plenty for the whole family to do when you are staying at the Hale Koa. Of course, you are going to want to go and explore other places on the island but the fun you have at the Hale Koa will also be memories of your tropical vacation that you do not forget. 

  • Friday night Fireworks. Every Friday night at 8 pm from the beach area and barefoot grill area you can see the Hilton Hotel fireworks.
  • Hale Koa Luau. A few days a week they have the Hale Koa Luau. While there is an additional charge it is one that shouldn’t be missed. Our whole family loved the entire experience.
  • Swimming Pools. There are two pools at the Hale Koa. The main pool is family-friendly and has an awesome water slide that the kids will love. It also features a children’s wading pool, splash pads, a play pirate ship, fountains, a hot tub, and water features for all ages. There is also an adult-only outdoor pool which is perfect for adults to relax and also has a hot tub.
  • Hale Koa Garden Tour. On Thursday mornings at 9 am, you can meet in the lobby and go on the Hale Koa Garden Tour. You will join the landscape professionals as they highlight points of interest and unique elements of Hawaiian culture and horticulture throughout the 72-acre tropical grounds of the Hale Koa.
  • U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii. While not on property but located within walking distance (located at 2161 Kalia Road), the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii is a free museum where you can explore and learn about Hawaii’s military history. 
Hale Koa Luau
3 kids on the beach at the hale koa hotel

Does the Hale Koa provide towels for the beach and pool?

There are towels at the pools. You can take them to the beach and return them to the bins at the pools when you are done. If you are leaving on an early morning excursion, be sure to get the towels the day before.

Hale Koa entrance stairs

Where is the Hale Koa Hotel located?

The hotel is situated in the Waikiki Beach area of Honolulu, just a short distance from the world-famous Waikiki Beach. Its address is 2055 Kalia Road, Honolulu, HI 96815.

kids on the beach at sunset at the hale koa hotel

Who can stay at the Hale Koa Hotel?

The Hale Koa Hotel serves military personnel of the U.S. Armed Forces, including active duty personnel, reserve, and National Guard members, retirees, 100% Disabled Military Veterans, and certain Department of Defense civilians. Eligible guests can make reservations for themselves and their family members. You can find the full eligibility requirements for staying at the Hale Koa on their website. 

hale koa pool

How Much Does the Hale Koa Hotel cost per night?

The nightly cost for rooms ranges from $165.00 to $399.00. The price depends on the room type that you book and the category that you fall into for room bookings. The room rates will be going up for the 2023-2024 year starting in October of 2023. 

hale koa 2022-2022 pricing
hale koa 2023-2024 pricing

How to Book Rooms at the Hale Koa Hotel

To book a room you need to use the online booking site or you can call them at

It is important to note that rooms book up fast at the Hale Koa. You can book rooms 1 year in advance and it is highly recommended. We got lucky and were able to book rooms with only 4.5 months’ notice, but it did take me some time to secure a room for each night that we planned on staying there.

When I originally booked I was able to get 3 nights and then with a few phone calls to them over the time before leaving I was able to add on the rest of the time we needed. If you are only able to book a few nights when you first book, keep calling back every so often to see if space has opened up and they will add those nights to your stay if they do. 

hale koa side entrance walking path

How Much is Parking at the Hale Koa?

When you are staying at the Hale Koa you will want to park in the parking garage across the street and use the military rate of $20 a day to park. There is also a monthly option where you will pay $120.00 for 30 days of parking in the garage. This is the cheapest option for parking in all of the Wakkiki area. 

Things to do in Oahu, Hawaii with Kids

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