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Tips for Visiting SeaWorld Orlando with Kids

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Planning a trip to Orlando Florida and want to add Sea World to your list? With these tips for visiting Sea World Orlando With Kids, you will have the best day ever. This Florida theme park has plenty for the entire family to enjoy to make it a great day at Sea World. I came up with this list of Sea World Orlando Tips after our visit to SeaWorld with the kids.

Visiting Sea World Orlando With Kids

We have been to Orlando Florida many times as a family visiting Orlando theme parks but we had never made our way over to Sea World. I had gone as a kid and what I remember from them is being able to see the sea animal shows. I really wanted my kids to have this theme park experience. When we visited we only did the Sea World park but you can also add in visiting Discovery Cove and Aquatica if you want to when you visit.

Sea World park is perfect for children of all ages and there is plenty for the whole family to do. From roller coasters and family-friendly rides, to the Sesame Street Bay of play where the younger children to see their favorite furry friends they love from the popular TV show the whole family will have a great day.

This was my kid’s first time visiting SeaWorld, so we let them pick what they wanted to do. Because we have older kids and younger kids we split up for part of the day, the older kids did what they wanted the younger kids did what they wanted. Then we met up for lunch and our Dolphin encounter and spent the rest of the day in the park together. My older kids loved the roller coasters and my younger children loved the animal encounters and seeing all of the animals. We spent extra to do the dolphin encounter where we got to get up close and personal with a dolphin and the dolphin trainer and it was something that the whole family enjoyed doing.

penguin exhibit at SeaWorld Orlando

When Is the Best Time to Visit Sea World?

The best time to visit SeaWorld Orlando is during the off-season when the park is less crowded and the weather is mild. Any time of the year, it is best to visit on a weekday. Weekends will always be crowded.

When we visited it was a week day during the first week of December and it was like an empty park. We had minimal wait times if any wait for the rides. We got to see all of the shows that we wanted to see without waiting. It was the perfect day.

How long should I plan to stay when visiting SeaWorld?

There is a lot to do when you are visiting, if you are wanting to get on rides and see the shows and do the animal encounters then I suggest planning the whole day to be spent at the park.

Tips for Visiting Sea World Orlando With Kids

After visiting with our kids, there are quite a few things that I know will make your trip even better. I hope these Seaworld Orlando tips help you with planning your trip. These are my best tips after visiting with my family and having kids with me who were 6, 12, 15, and 17 at the time of our visit.

Plan Ahead

Making a list of the must do attractions and rides will make it so all family members have it known what they want to do. It will also make it easy to plan your day and instead of walking all over the park and going out of your way to do the rides and attractions on your list you can make a circle walk thru the park and hit everything on your list. You will also want to make sure that you download the Sea World App to your mobile device. The Seaworld app makes it easy to see the park map, and ride wait times.If you are a family that likes thrill rides those rides will always have longer wait times than the children’s rides.

Know what to Bring to Sea World

Knowing what to bring with you for a day at SeaWorld will make your day easier and more fun. If you plan on going on water rides then you will want to make sure you bring a towel and waterproof bags for your phones. Sunscreen is a must to bring with you and apply through out the day. I also highly recommend bringing sunglasses and hats as well.

Things to pack in your Bag for Visiting Sea World Orlando:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Cell phone
  • Cell phone charger
  • hat

What Food Items are allowed in Sea World?

  • Bottled water
  • Small snacks that do not require heating
  • Any food required for medical purposes and medically indicated nutritional supplements
  • Food required for special dietary needs
  • Baby food and baby formula

What to Wear when Visiting SeaWorld in Orlando

Paying attention to the weather before going will help as you might need to bring an umbrella or a poncho for a one off quick rain shower. Those happen often when you are in Florida. You will want everyone to wear shorts and a t-shirt as it is hot most days in Florida even in the winter months. We went in December and it was still very warm. The most important thing to keep in mind when visiting is that you will be doing a lot of walking so wearing comfortable shoes is a must.

Go in the Off Season

If you can it is best to avoid the summer months. These months are not only hot because it is central Florida but it is also when there are the most crowds. You will also get cheaper pricing on Seaworld tickets when you go in the off season which will also save you money.

Arrive Early

When you are visiting a theme park it is best to arrive early. When you are visiting with younger kids they might need to go at a slower pace than the older kids and you will want to make sure that you have enough time to see everything that you want to see. Arriving early also means that you will be able to beat the crowds and have shorter lines than if you go later in the day.

Eat meals at off times

The longest lines can be avoided by changing when you eat your meals. When most of the visitors will be eating lunch at lunch time if you head to the rides you will have shorter lines. You will also have shorter lines during the show times while people are watching shows.

Bring a Stroller

If you have young kids that will have trouble walking all day then you will want to bring a stroller so they can ride in it.

Brings Snacks and water

With young children they are always hungry, if you want to save time and money then bringing snacks and water will make things easier while you are visiting Sea World.

Drink water

While you are in the parks it is important to stay hydrated, especially if you are going during the summer months as the Florida heat can be very draining if you are not staying hydrated.

Take breaks

If people are getting tired it is best to take a break. Taking a break when at the theme park with kids is a great way to avoid anyone having a melt down. There are quite a few quiet and shady spots that make a great spot to sit and relax for a few minutes. There is a greenery area near Dolphin Encounter and a sitting area near turtle trek that make for great relaxing spots to take a short break.

Purchase Quick Queue

If you are going on a busy day then purchasing the quick queue pass will give you the ability to skip the long line. You will be able to get on the rides that the kids want to do without having to wait in line for long periods of time.

Visit the Animal Exhibits

There are many animal encounters and exhibits through out the SeaWorld park. The shark encounter, Dolphin show, and Wild Arctic were all ones that my 6 year old loved. My 13 year old and 6 year old loved the penguins exhibit where you get to go inside a cold room exhibit and watch them play and swim and see how penguins interact.

Where can the kids interact and see marine animals at Sea World?

  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin: Take a walk into the Antarctica area where you will see 5 different pieces of penguins swimming and having fun on the land.
  • Dolphin Nursery: This is an interactive exhibit where children can watch and learn about baby dolphins and their mothers.
  • Dolphin Cove. Here you can watch a group of bottlenose dolphins both above and below the surface of the water.
  • Stingray Lagoon: This is an interactive exhibit where children can touch and feed stingrays.
  • Pacific Point Preserve: This is an interactive exhibit where kids can feed and touch California sea lions and harbor seals.
  • Wild Arctic: Take a journey through the Arctic wilderness, where you can see beluga whales and walruses.
  • Shark Encounter. Walk thru the tunnel and see the sharks swimming above you.
  • Orca Underwater Viewing. You can watch the orca whales swim in the water at this up-close viewing area.
  • Manatee Rehabilitation Area. See the resident manatees who have been rescued and now call SeaWorld home, you can see them in the above water viewing area and the underwater viewing area.
  • Jewel of the Sea. Walk into this aquarium and you will see not only some amazing fish and aquatic life in the exhibits, but when you look down you will see them all swimming below your feet as well.

Arrive Early to the Shows

If you are wanting to see the shows like the Shamu Show then you will want to get to the shows early so that you can get the best seats. If you are going with small children then you may want to avoid the splash zones, but the older kids will love sitting in that area.

What shows are good for kids at SeaWorld Orlando?

You will want to make sure that you see the marine life shows with the kids. These shows are not only fun but they are also educational.

  • Dolphin Adventures
  • Orca Encounter
  • Sea Lion and Otter Spotlight

Ways to Save Money When Visiting Sea World with Kids

Planning trips can be expensive especially when you are visiting theme parks but there are quite a few ways to save money on everything from tickets to food. If you are planning ahead and it is near Black Friday or Cyber Monday you can always grab great deals then. I was able to get our tickets which included a day at SeaWorld and a day at Busch Gardens in Tampa for a great deal.

How to Save Money on SeaWorld Orlando Tickets

  • Purchase park tickets in advance. Purchasing tickets online in advance can save you money compared to buying them at the gate.
  • On the SeaWorld website. If you are wanting to save money there are many special offers that Sea World offers throughout the year. Just keep an eye on their deals page here.
  • Groupon. You can also grab discounted tickets on Groupon at times.
  • Use a Discount. SeaWorld Orlando offers discounts for military personnel, AAA members, and Florida residents.
  • Purchase Multi-day tickets. If you buy tickets that are for Sea World and for Busch gardens tampa bay the price per park is cheaper.

How to Save money on Food and drinks when at SeaWorld Orlando with Kids

  1. Bring your own food and drinks. SeaWorld Orlando allows visitors to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages into the park. This can save you money on meals and snacks.
  2. Use a refillable water bottle. SeaWorld Orlando has water fountains throughout the park where you can refill your water bottle for free. This will save you money on drinks and help you stay hydrated.
  3. Purchase the All-Day Dining deal. While at times like busy season that all day dining pass will be full price and expensive, it is worth it. You can find deals on it and I have seen the price range from $20-$40 per day but with that dining pass you get 1 entrée, 1 side or dessert, and 1 drink at any of the locations that participate in the park every hour.

Save Money on Parking

If you arrive early you will get close parking in the general parking lot. This will save you money however if you get there later in the day I do suggest getting preferred parking as walking back to the car at the end of the day is a lot with young kids who have spent the whole day walking.

What are the best rides and attractions to do at SeaWorld Orlando with Kids?

  • Abby’s Flower Tower
  • Sesame Street Land
  • big birds Twirl and Whirl
  • Cookie Drop
  • Elmo’s Choo Choo Train
  • Rosita’s Harmony Hills
  • Rubber Duckie Water Works
  • Slimey’s Slider
  • Super Grover’s Box Car Derby
  • Sunny Day Carousel
  • Sky Tower

What Roller Coasters are at SeaWorld Orlando?

  • Mako: This is a hypercoaster that reaches speeds of up to 73 mph and heights of 200 feet. It’s the tallest, longest, and fastest roller coaster in Orlando.
  • Kraken: This is a floorless coaster that includes several inversions and reaches speeds of up to 65 mph. It’s one of the tallest and longest roller coasters in Orlando.
  • Manta: This is a flying coaster that takes riders on a face-down flying position, reaching speeds of up to 56 mph.

I hope these SeaWorld Orlando tips help you with planning the best day ever at SeaWorld Orlando with Kids.

Tips for Visiting Orlando Florida with Kids

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