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Disney Aulani Resort 2 Bedroom Villa Room Tour

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Planning a trip to the Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii and considering the Disney Vacation Club villas? Did you know that you do not need to be a Disney Vacation Club member to book this room? That’s right, anyone can book the Disney Vacation Club Villas at the Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii. I hope that this Disney Aulani Resort 2 Bedroom Villa Room Tour helps you with your trip planning.

This in-depth look at the 2 bedroom villa at Disney Aulani Resort will give you all the information you need to know about the Disney Aulani Resort 2 bedroom villa. We have also included a video version of our Disney Aulani Resort 2 Bedroom Villa Room Tour.

Disney Aulani Resort 2 Bedroom Villa Room Tour

Disney Aulani 2 Bedroom Villa Room Tour

When we took our trip to Hawaii part of our trip was a stay at the Disney Aulani Resort. We stayed in the 2 Bedroom Villa which was the perfect size for our family of 6. We had plenty of space for relaxing and no one felt like we were crowded when we were in the Disney resort room.

When we started our trip planning we originally booked 2 standard rooms and after checking in a few times both online and making calls to the resort a 2-bedroom Island Garden View room opened up so I switched our booking to the Villa instead and I am glad I did. Booking the two-bedroom villa ended up being cheaper than booking 2 standard rooms and it kept all of us together.

I loved the decor and style of the room. It was Disney without being over the top and taking away from this Hawiaan theming it has. If you are looking for Mickey Mouse you will find him, but in a luxurious way instead of being right in your face which I think is perfect. 

Aulani is a true luxury resort, and so I think it is important that when sharing about the resort I break things up so as to not overwhelm anyone with information. There are many amenities at the Aulani resort, but this post is strictly about the 2-bedroom villa room at Disney Aulani.

Disney Aulani Resort 2 Bedroom Room Tour Video

Planning your trip? Be sure to check out our 2 Bedroom Villa at Disney Aulani Resort room tour!

Room Size

As I said before we felt as though we had ample room for the 6 of us in this room. Disney says that up to 9 guests can be in this room and I don’t think that would be an issue when it comes to space at all. 

This room is roughly 1,100 square feet and with the placement of the furniture and the layout of the room no one is going to feel like they are overcrowded even if you have the max guests staying in the room.

The 2 Bedroom Villa includes 2 separate bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining area, a living room, and 2.5 bathrooms. 

There are also ample amounts of closets for storing luggage so that it is not underfoot in the living spaces or in the bedrooms. 

Mickey Mouse lamp at aulani resort

Room Decor

I love Disney. I am personally 100% ok and in fact, love it when I have Disney in my face and I can see Mickey Mouse everywhere I turn around. 

As a Mickey Mouse lover, I spotted all of the hidden Mickeys however if someone is wanting a luxury resort stay without Mickey Mouse in their face the decor and designs are perfectly set up. 

The furniture and decor are beautifully designed to be luxurious and welcoming without being overwhelming Disney in your face. 

2 bedroom Villa at Disney Aulani Resort Kitchen

Beautiful Full Kitchen

The kitchen is beautiful and the first thing you see when you walk into the villa. The cabinets are a beautiful wood, the countertops are granite and the appliances are all stainless steel. 

It is a full kitchen, with a full-sized refrigerator, coffee pot, microwave, toaster, stove, and dishwasher. It also includes all the pots and pans (including a rice cooker!) that you need for cooking. There are ample plates, cups, and utensils for serving. 

While we didn’t use anything other than the microwave because we were only at the resort for 2 nights, a longer stay at the resort this would be a great way to cut down on food costs by making your own food in the villa. 

2 bedroom Villa at Disney Aulani Resort dining room

Dining Room

Off the side of the kitchen is the kitchen table that has a bench on one side and chairs around it giving ample sitting space. We ate dinner the night we ordered Monkey Pod takeout at the table and everyone was comfortable and had enough space.

2 bedroom Villa at Disney Aulani Resort Master bedroom

Sleeping Spaces

There is plenty of room to sleep in this villa and room for 9 guests. Both bedrooms have a television and also a desk. The lamps in the bedrooms are adorable Mickey Mouse lamps. From each bedroom, you have access to the balcony. 

The master bedroom had a king-size bed. The bed was super comfortable as I have always found to be the case when staying at Disney-owned properties. 

bedroom of a Disney Aulani Resort hotel room

The second bedroom has 2 queen beds. This is where we had the kids sleep, the queen beds were perfect for putting 2 kids in each bed, but they are true queen-sized beds so they will work for adults as well. 

The living room had a couch that pulled out into a queen sleeper sofa and a sleeper chair that pulled out as a single sleeper. The kids pulled them out to test them and said they were just as comfortable as the beds in the room. 

If you are traveling with a little one who will need a crib, you do not have to worry about bringing anything as the rooms also include a Pack ‘n Play that you will find in the closet. 

second bedroom bathroom in the 2 bedroom Villa at Disney Aulani Resort


There were also enough bathrooms to accommodate all of us. I don’t know if you have ever traveled with a group of 6, but one bathroom in a hotel room can sometimes pose a challenge. Having the 3 bathrooms made things much easier. 

There are 2 full bathrooms, one off of each bedroom, and then a half bathroom when you enter the villa. 

The master bathroom had a walk-in shower with a rain head shower head, a whirlpool tub, and then a separate area for the toilet along with a sink and countertop. 

shower in the master bed room of 2 bedroom Villa at Disney Aulani Resort

The bathroom off the second bedroom has a tub/shower combination, a separate area for the toilet, and then also a countertop with a sink.

Each bathroom had Shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, bath soap, facial soap, and lotion. If you need more than what is there the front desk is happy to give you more.  

2 bedroom Villa at Disney Aulani Resort Living room

Living Room

The living room is in the center of the villa. The living room has a sleeper sofa, a sleeper chair, and a sitting chair along with a television.  

There is ample room for the whole family to sit in the living room and just hang out, play a card game, or watch a movie. 

washer and dryer in the 2 bedroom Villa at Disney Aulani Resort

Washer and Dryer

Call me crazy but a washer and dryer in the hotel room is a dream come true for me. As a mom of 4 kids, I like to pack as lightly as possible. I normally do wash in the laundry rooms of hotels we are staying at. 

Having the washer and dryer in the room made things so much easier. We had been in Hawaii for 5 days before arriving at Aulani and had lots of wash to do. We started a load as soon as we got into the room and were able to wash while having fun so that when we left to go home there was no dirty laundry with us. 

If you are someone who irons their clothing, there is also an ironing board.

balcony at 2 bedroom Villa at Disney Aulani Resort

The Balcony

Depending on the room you have will change the view that you have. However, all of the balconies have chairs and some have tables. 

You can access the balcony from each of the bedrooms thru the sliding glass doors. 

At night when you are sitting on the balcony you can hear the music playing, but as soon as you go back into the room and shut the door you can’t hear it anymore. 

Things That Add to the Room Experience 

Disney Resort & Spa bathrobes and slippers. The bathroom is so soft and comfortable and the slippers are amazing on your feet! While you won’t find things like this at most Disney resort hotels when you are visiting the theme parks when at Aulani this added touch for sure adds to the luxury experience. Trust me, take a bath in the whirlpool tub and then put on the robe, you will be relaxing and never want to stop. 

Multiple TVs. While for some this might not be a big deal, for us with 4 kids having 3 TVs they can watch and relax for a bit with was helpful. No one fighting over what show to watch and they were all able to relax after a busy day exploring Hawaii and the resort. 

Soft and clean carpet. This might not be a big thing to many, but I do not like to wear shoes and I really do not like to wear shoes when I am back in my hotel room. 

Separate toilet and shower areas. In the bathrooms, the toilets are in their own rooms, which as a family of 6 being able to have everyone get ready without having to wait for someone to get out of the bathroom is a big plus. 

Resort Room WiFi

The villa has Wi-Fi included, and for being such a large resort I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it was. There is also a safe in each of the villas for you to store your valuables.

Extras Included If Needed

If you are traveling with young children there are some things that do make life easier and you can request them when you are at the resort including bedrails, bottle warmer, outlet covers, and even a diaper disposal system. While we did not need any of these things since my children are older the fact that Disney has made it convenient to travel with even the youngest of kids is something I love. 

What Views do you get with a Villa?

There are a few different view options that you can pick from when booking a villa. For us, we were not concerned with the view that we had as we did not plan on staying in the room much. I loved sitting on the balcony and relaxing a bit and just enjoying the weather, but the garden view we had didn’t affect how nice it was to sit on the balcony at all.

  • Standard View. The view from the private balcony will be of the conference area or the parking lot. 
  • Island Gardens View. This view is a partial view of the mountains, spa, or beautiful landscaping. 
  • Poolside Gardens View. This view is a partial view of the pool, courtyards, or water features of the resort.
  • Ocean View. This view includes at least a partial view of the ocean from the balcony

What are the different Types of Villas at Disney Aulani Resort?

There are 3 different types of Villa rooms at Disney Aulani, the 1-bedroom villa, the 2-bedroom villa, and the 3-bedroom villa. All of the villas have bedrooms, full kitchens, a living room, multiple bathrooms, washers and dryers, and a balcony. The difference in the villas is the number of bedrooms and how many guests can be in each room. 

Who Can Book at Disney Vacation Club Villa at Aulani?

While the villas are marked as Disney Vacation Club villas anyone can book them. 

How to Book a 2 Bedroom Villa at Disney Aulani Resort

You can book 2 Bedroom Villas in a few different ways.

  • Book thru the Aulani Website
  • Book thru Expedia
  • Book thru Trip Advisor
  • Book thru your Credit Card company. Some credit card companies have Aulani Resort as a hotel that you can book with travel points or thru their travel points. 

Over all, we loved staying at the Disney Aulani Resort. It was the perfect place for our family to relax a bit. I hope that this Aulani 2 Bedroom Villa Room tour helps you in picking what room will be right for you and your family.

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