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Tips for Picking the Best Times to Visit Disney World

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Have you ever wanted to travel to Disney, but you didn’t know the best time to actually go? Disney World is a very busy place, but even the Happiest Place on Earth has downtime. Keep reading to discover the best tips for Picking the Best Times to Visit Disney World.

We have been to Disney at a few different times of the year and all of them had low crowds. I will also be sharing with you how to find the best days of the week to go to Disney World and how to find the best times to visit during the peak seasons so you still have an amazing trip.

Tips for Picking the Best Times to Visit Disney World

Best Times of the Year to Visit Disney With Kids

Before I get started sharing the information on the best times of the year to visit Disney World keep in mind that the time frames and dates might not be possible due to your schedules. The off-peak times of Disney World are not during the peak travel times. If you can swing going to Disney on an off-peak travel time you will have the most ability to have lower crowds. If you can not swing during the off-season there are a few things that you can do to make sure that you are going on lower crowd days even during the busy times.

There are quite a few factors that you should take into account when you are picking the best time to visit Disney with your family. For some families a chilly morning in January is not going to work for them, for others a hot summer day of 100+ degrees will not be good. Part of when is the best time to visit Disney World is your family’s preference to somethings.

Tips for Picking the Best Times to Visit Disney World

What are the Best Months to Go to Disney for Low Crowds?

Overall, the best time of year to visit Disney World is during the off-seasons, which are typically late January to early February, early May, late August to early September, and early November to early December.

These are the times that are the slowest times however if you are not a fan of chilly mornings then you might want to avoid January. If you are not a fan of super hot days then you will want to avoid going the last week of August.

What are the Best Days of the Week to go to Disney?

In our experience Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays have been the best days to go so the crowds are less.

What is the Best Season to Visit Disney?

Florida is warm no matter what season you are going to visit. If you are not a fan of the heat then I highly suggest avoiding summer as best as you can. My favorite time to go is late fall and early spring. We did take a trip during December and the weather was great then too.

We were able to wear shorts and T-shirts and enjoy our time without being overly hot. The one time that we went at the end of August is a time that I do not suggest at all, it was hot and sticky and while we had fun it was not as enjoyable as the other seasons of the year that we have gone.

When is the Cheapest time to go to Disney World?

You will save money by going to Disney World at slower times. The slower times are when the ticket prices are the cheapest. When you are looking to buy tickets you will see the prices change based on what Disney predicts the days will be like. The lower the price the slower the day, and the higher the price the busier the day.

On the slower days, you will also tend to find better prices on hotel stays as well. Booking our stay at the Grand Floridian for our stay a few years ago we booked it for May. I watched the pricing and during June, July, and August the price for the same room was almost double what I paid.

Booking your hotel rooms to be weekday nights will also be cheaper than booking for a weekend night. I have found that the same hotels no matter what time of year is $50-$100 or more a night for a weekend night than for weekday nights.

Tips for Picking the Best Times to Visit Disney World

Tips for Finding the best time to Go to Disney World

Aside from the month and day that you are going to Disney there are a few other things you can look for to find the days and times when the crowd levels will be lower in the parks.

Look for Special Events at Disney

We have gone to The Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and a few of the after-hours events at Disney World and loved them. These events have a limited number of tickets sold and we have found that the crowds were much smaller at the events than during the park days. This gave us the ability to get on many more rides than we would have been able to during the day.

Check Disney Park Hours

Depending on the time of year Disney World Park hours change. During the busiest months of the year, the park is open longer. During the slower times, the park hours are shorter. I have found that many people like to go to the park that is open at the latest each day to maximize their park time. It is a great thing to do but we like to go to the park that closes earliest to start our day and then use a park hopper to go to another park that will be open later for the hours at night. I have found that the parks have less crowds when people know they will have less time in that park so they choose to spend the day with more open park hours.

Check out the Disney Crowd Calendar

Sometimes, when you’re planning a Disney trip, you need to see everything in one place. The hours, when the events are happening, and when the crowds will be at their biggest. Head over to the Crowd Calendar to see when would be the best time for your family to head to Disney World.

Watch the Price of tickets

As more people buy tickets and the demand for tickets on specific days increases the cost of the ticket goes up. If you are seeing ticket prices going up that is an indicator of the crowd levels that they predict will be there.

Watch for Deals

To keep visitors coming during the slower times Disney will often run promotions. I always check out the special offers page to see what discounts and deals Disney is offering for dates so I can find the best time for us to go.

Tips for Picking the Best Times to Visit Disney World

Disney World Trip Planning Tips

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